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Greatest gift….

From the day Jesse was born, through the heartbreak of her broken marriage to where she is today, Jamie always knew Jesse was her greatest gift and accomplishment in life. She parents with patience and passion, consistently placing her little boy as the highest priority. Mother and son share unbridled affection, laughing and playing together – all the while teaching Jesse to be kind and considerate to others. He is so loved by both mommy and papa – he is the center of their worlds but he is also being taught the lessons to ensure he grows up strong and responsible for his future.

Co parenting after divorce can be tough but David and Jamie are making it work in spades. They have mutual philosophies about raising their son and they work together much like they did when they skated – with disciplined principles and respect for each other.

Children are life’s greatest gifts – they teach us so much about ourselves and about life. Jamie is looking forward to seeing what goals and accomplishments lie ahead for her Jesse. One thing she knows for sure is he will choose his destiny, his goals and aspirations…just like she did.

Life is so good…..

When Jamie was a young skater and things went sideways her mom always told her “everything happens for a reason” and “everything works out as it should in the end”. There have been such extreme highs and lows in Jamie’s life; at times it almost took her breath away. Through it all she has grown in character and knows she can overcome the tough times as well as celebrating life’s little joys.

Jamie has a new husband and is working at new endeavors – her life is so full and gratifying. She and Craig enjoy supporting many charities and spending time with friends and family. She is also excited to be a part of Simmer, a fine wine and spirits distribution business. There will be new challenges no doubt but Jamie is prepared to face whatever life brings because she knows everything happens for a reason, and it all works out in the end.

  • 1st - 2003 World Team Challenge
  • 2nd - 2003 Ice Wars
  • 1st - 2002 Hallmark Skaters' Championship
  • 1st - Sears Canadian Open
  • 1st - 2002 Olympic Games
  • 1st - 2002 Canadian Championships
  • 1st - 2002 Grand Prix Final
  • 1st - 2001 Skate Canada
  • 1st - 2001 Skate America
  • 1st - 2000 World Championships
  • 1st - 2001 Grand Prix Final
  • 1st - 2001 Four Continents Championship
  • 1st - 2001 Canadian Championships
  • 1st - 2000 Sears Canadian Open
  • 2nd - 2000 Trophée Lalique 
  • 1st - 2000 Skate Canada
  • 1st - 2000 Skate America 
  • 4th - 2000 World Championships 
  • 1st - 2000 Four Continents Championship 
  • 1st - 2000 Canadian Championships 
  • 5th - 2000 Grand Prix Final 
  • 2nd - 1999 Nations Cup 
  • 1st - 1999 Skate America 
  • 2nd - 1999 Canadian Championships 
  • 3rd - 1998 NHK Trophy 
  • 4th - 1998 Masters of Figure Skating 
  • 3rd - 1998 Skate Canada