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WELCOME and thank you visiting my website! I am excited to tell you a little about me….

You may know me as an Olympic Gold medalist in figure skating from the 2002 Salt Lake City winter games, but I am also a mother of 2, a wife, a friend, a business owner, a Life Coach and an advocate for people with special needs.

I was born a dreamer! As a child I dreamed of being a champion one day...I had a passion and was determined to see it come to fruition. Like many of you, I have endured my share of struggles, both personally and professionally. Some of my life’s challenges were downright ugly, some pushed me FAR beyond my comfort zone, but I always kept my eye on the big goal. With the support of the people I chose to have around me, I accomplished my dream. I am still DREAMING and reaching for NEW GOALS….

Becoming a wife and mother was a dream for me but I have always felt I had another life purpose. It was in March of 2018 when I discovered that LIFE COACHING was it for me. It happened when I was working with MY life coach, creating a vision and setting goals for the next stage of my life. It was perfect – I always had a strong desire to help others and this was the way I could do just that!

I am now certified through The Life Mastery Institute to be a Dream Builder Coach and a Life Mastery Consultant. I have the honour and privilege of serving others, helping them live the life that they would love through the transformational programs I offer. It truly lights me up to see the progress of my clients, to hear and see their excitement, and to know they are proud of themselves! I have worked with many coaches in my life so I know the significant benefits of having support, encouragement and of course being held accountable for my words and actions.

I am incredibly grateful for my family, friends and my community for supporting and believing in me and my dreams!

I encourage you to browse this site - read how others have been impacted by dreaming, by setting a clear vision, and doing the valuable work. You will find information on the programs that I offer and maybe you will find one that is just right for you!

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you!